Harumi Yukawa started calligraphy as early childhood. She was apprenticed to Sanshu Uemura who was a master of Japanese calligraphy in Japan. 

 After earning traditional calligraphy instructor's licence, she embarked on the journey to broaden her art experience in the United States. She received an associate degree from City College of San Francisco and transferred to the University of California, Berkeley to acquire further education. Taking charcoal drawing classes in the early years gave her a deeper understanding of the composition how to create the space between black and white, which was in the same manner as calligraphy. Later on, color dynamics class led her to an interest in watercolor paintings. She received the bachelor`s degree of Art Practice from UC Berkeley in 2009. 

* Haru & Sun Watercolor exhibition at Ehrismann Residence in Yokohama.

*Solo exhibition at Kian Art Gallery in Tokyo.

*Watercolor exhibition at Fukurou-Mori Gallery.

*Solo exhibition at Gallery DaDa in Yokohama Sogo.

*「Rising from the East-Aesthetics of Japan」group exhibition, Sway Gallery,London Nov.26~30, 2018

*Ebi-Omo Exhibition at Gallery Hiroshige, Tokyo, Dec.12~16,2018

  She lives in Japan, loves toraditional tea ceremony to practice, and currently teaches a drawing class as her life work.



​Harumi Yukawa
​ Biography



*2014 二人展 横浜市山手エリスマン邸。

*2016東京自由が丘Kian Art Gallery 個展。

*              東林間ふくろふ森ギャラリー作品展。

*2017横浜 ギャラリーダダ

*2018ロンドン Sway Gallery

   「Rising from the East,Aesthetics of Japan」 

*2018東京 弘重ギャラリー、Ebi-Omo展

*2019東京 弘重ギャラリー個展予定(11月)





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