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Awareness of Art

A Quiet beautiful flower glowing in the natural day light. . . as she saw it, she perceived that it might have been truth which profound beauty would certainly exist anytime and anywhere even if you have a difficult time believing in happiness.. There`s a ray of light shining in the time of darkness. . . trying to depict universal emotion is her cause to start painting.


自然光の中に静かに生命の輝きを放つ一輪の花。心が震えるような美しさは必ずどこかに存在しているのだと信じさせてくれた。失望の中にも光はある。その時の感動と気付きが原点となり水彩画を通して表現しようと思ったのが始まりです。誰もが感じる普遍的なよろこびや感動を、絵画を通して共感できたら. . .と思い描いています。
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